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KizzyKatの「Snow Queen」をテーマにしたコーディネート(2018/12/08)
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KizzyKatの「Snow Queen」をテーマにしたコーディネート(2018/12/08)

Snow Queen Christmas 2018 coordinates.
Though, i can't decided which cutsew works best.
I'm thinking the present wrapping ribbon of the Angelic Pretty cutsew, is appropriate for Christmas. Yet, does it work with the Snow Queen prints darker shades of blue?
I'm unsure.

Skirt & matching headbow: Baby.
Blue cutsew: Angelic Pretty.
White cutsew: Baby.
Lace knee socks:Mam
Possible options for shoes: Baby's 2007 Petite Ribbins in brown. I like matching my shoes to my hair colour.

Possible options for jewellery: a crochet lace necklace with crochet lace snowflakes attached. Either using sizes 60, 70, 80, or 100 white thread. Or a mixture of sizes to create variation. I've not really worked out the frankenstein'd design yet (^__^;)