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KizzyKatの「Sweet lolita」をテーマにしたコーディネート(2018/10/19)
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KizzyKatの「Sweet lolita」をテーマにしたコーディネート(2018/10/19)

Skirt is AP, cardigan & cutsew Baby, I had knee high Mam lace socks on & ma brown Petite Ribbon's.

It was the day I went te visit ma Grampa wi'a Dad & ma sister & ma brother & ma brothers two wee boys.
The kids got an electronic chess game gifted te ma Grampa by a friend fir them.
Then we went te pick apples from the tree in the back garden. At some point mum hopes te make apple jelly stuff wi' them xD we hae a big potato sack full of them.