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KizzyKat's 「Chocola chan」themed photo (2018/10/19)


  • Forest... 2018/10/19 12:51:31
    So cute! Please show us when it's finished!
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  • To: Forest Stef
    KizzyKat 2018/10/19 13:12:19
    I'll be sure te (^____^) thank you for saying, I had lost confidence & feel a boost te get it completed.
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KizzyKat's 「Chocola chan」themed photo (2018/10/19)

A knitting project.
I call her sassy wee face Catarina xP
I lost momentum after I finished the yarn ball & still had 1 leg te go. I've yet te knit the last leg & sew it up & tegether.
I'm hoping te make a blue one at some point, too.
It's from the Chocola chan pattern from the 2007 winter Gothic & Lolita Bible.
I put the body upside down, it's long legs te the front & short te the back. I might detour more from the design & curl & sew the tail up xD as it looks a wee bit dodgy dangling wi' the short padded legs.