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KizzyKat's 「Innocent World」themed photo (2018/11/12)
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KizzyKat's 「Innocent World」themed photo (2018/11/12)

I went to Edinburgh, where I met an owl & her human.
She was obsessed with what might have been pigeons in shadows of a building window ledge.
Also tried a teahouse, but didny like the shared tables as it made me feel anxious uncomfy. And the tea leaves were over brewed, since they put them directly into the pot. Not how I wanted my first try of Darjeeling to be.

Jacket/coat, socks: Alice and the Pirates.
Blouse, bustier, blouse, skirt, totebag, fur muff, and chambray pannier: Innocent World.
Long, and two short organdie pannier: Metamorphose.
Tulle pannier, hairbow combs, long drawers: Baby
Shoes: American Duchess Manhatten's
Also wore a sailor jupiter themed crochet bra(its like a lace sports bra almost)& pajama bloomers(adapted from an Angelic Pretty pattern)I made maself.

And silver headphones are a disability aid, for noise cancelling xD I know they don't match, but they make windy & noise days bearable. Take away that feeling like inner ears are bleeding ouch.