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ジェシカ's 「Lolita」themed photo (2018/07/17)
Dsc 0546
 20180717 134744


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ジェシカ's 「Lolita」themed photo (2018/07/17)

Having a very casual day. It's warm, so I decided to mix hanfu into the outfit (I guess that would it qilolita? Altrough that term is technically wrong. Do we even have an English term for Hanfu + lolita?). I found it's great clothes to stay cool in when it's warm, next to looking beautiful. As I was very warm, I decided to take the tights off during the day.
Hanfu pieces: 重回汉唐汉服店
Skirt: 织锦园
Shoes: Bodyline S524
Everything else: Offbrand