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ジェシカ's 「Lolita」themed photo (2018/05/06)
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ジェシカ's 「Lolita」themed photo (2018/05/06)

I'm not a huge fan of tattoos showing in lolita. But today it's warm and I'll stay at home anyways. Gotta love how hoopskirts allow me to wear long skirts without having it warm.


I put on a longer bolero after it cooled down. I think it's much better.

Coord rundown:
Dress: Souffle Song - Choosing JSK
Short bolero: Innocent World - Tulle Lace Short Sleeve Bolero
Long bolero: Innocent World - Tulle Lace Bolero
Underskirt: Chess Story - Le Printemps underskirt
Shoes: TaoBao (random store I don't remember)
Necklace: handmade by someone in my local com
Everything else: offbrand