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Tea Time with Kuniko Kato

~ 2018/01/20
Tea Time with Kuniko Kato 2018/01/20


Join us for tea and snacks with Physical Drop designer Kuniko Kato and get to hang out with other Lolitas in your community! This event will be hosted in English, but we’ll do our best to offer support for French speakers as well. There will be 54 tickets sold in total. This is a social event designed for Lolita Fashion afficianados, and attendees are encouraged to wear Japanese Fashion. We ask that all attendees follow a formal dress code: no attendees wearing casual clothing (jeans, t-shirts, running shoes, casual cosplay) will be admitted into the event. If you have any severe allergies or dietary restrictions, including vegetarian needs, please let us know by writing us in the comment box found here. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate vegan food requests at this time.

Please note that tickets are sold prior of the panel, thank you.

In order to participate, the convention badge is required to have access to the building.

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NameTea Time with Kuniko Kato
Place50 Boulevard Maisonneuve, Gatineau, QC, Canada
TimeJanuary 20 (Saturday)

14:30 - 16:30
Dress codeLolita
Price25$ CAD
Tickets available54 tickets