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Alternate Life's 「Lolita」themed photo (2018/01/07)
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Alternate Life's 「Lolita」themed photo (2018/01/07)

This started of as a purchase from amazon (shown in picture on white background)
When it arrived it wad loads bigger than the size i was expecting, but rather send it back I ordered a smaller size and then another smaller than that one
the smallest of the 3 was about the right size (the sizes seems way off)

Then i started pulling them apart into sections and proceeded sewing the sections back together to make a much longer dress.

There is still some i need to do to this dress to finish it off, and I also have 3 times the pins on bows to use

I don't intend to buy any more dresses unless there is a really nice one.
I will try and make my own.