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DAVUSH24's 「Stars」themed photo (2017/09/24)
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DAVUSH24's 「Stars」themed photo (2017/09/24)

🌟✨Starry Starry Night✨🌟

Coord rundown:
KC, JSK: "Whisper of the Stars" by Shimotsuki Sakuya
Blouse: "Alice in the Kingdom of Mirror Starry Blouse" by Words of the Wind
The bow on the blouse: Le Miroir
Handcuffs: CEL
Leggings: "Kaguya Usagi Ivory+Gold Leggings" by NyaNya
Shoes: "Delusional Maiden Shoes in Champaign" by Dark Ruby
Bag: Star Bag by BtSSB
Ring: Tea Cup ring with indigo ribbon by Angelic Pretty