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Miso Salty's 「Lolita」themed photo (2019/06/25)
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Miso Salty's 「Lolita」themed photo (2019/06/25)

When you break the rules, make sure you don't get caught and you do a fine job of it! What rule do you think I have broken?

As promised my lovelies, here are more shots of my very chocolate valentines day meet outfit!

Outfit is Teddy Chocolatier by metamorphose temps de fille with matching choker and bonnet (seriously I love that bonnet with its tiny little bear on it ??)
Headband and bracelet are angelic pretty
OTK socks are Emily Temple Cute
Everything is off brand and I made my rings.

It was a hot hot day but we all managed to keep cool and not melt with staying in doors and drinking lots of bubble tea!