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zmolchai's 「Lolita」themed photo (2019/06/03)


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zmolchai's 「Lolita」themed photo (2019/06/03)

💄 Makeup testing 💄
Just testing out some natural base makeup and eye shadow for the photo shoot we did recently.

Makeup: CoverGirl Chocolate and Peach eyeshadow pallets. (They literally smell like sweets!) 😍

Outfit: Baby the stars shine bright ~ A Little Princess jsk. Featured in upcoming Photoshoot and modelled at AVCon 2019 (July) Lolita fashion parade.

♡ I'll have more pics of this full coordinate soon! As well as photos from theevent. Oooih!! So excited! :D has anyone been on a lolita fashion run way? Modeling for their local comm and to raise awareness? Any tips? 😁