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Rayyan's 「STEAMPUNK」themed photo (2019/02/19)
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Pt2019 02 19 11 07 34
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Rayyan's 「STEAMPUNK」themed photo (2019/02/19)

Steampunk Lolita is cool right, thats why is my favourite style. However, I need to improve on a few things such as make up, petticoat n etc. And also add another accessory so that the cord looks better. The best thing about this steampunk lolita dress is the embroided pattern.
Member of @pinkustarz
☆Pinku Rusy☆
Fashion: #lolita
Style: #steampunk
Steampunk Lolita: #infanta @tokimekistore 😘.
Accessories & blouse: @taobao.official #miaoxingren #taobaoeveryday
Scraf pin: @memo.craft #steampunkgun
Shoes: #licci
My faithful skincare: @nourain_beautycare
Eyeshadow: #arezia
Mascara: Lash Prism @silkygirlcosmetics Code: 01Blackest Black
Event: #comicfiesta2018
📷: Pinku Yumi 🍰.