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Angela†von†Tokyo's 「Gothic Lolita」themed photo (2018/09/21)


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Angela†von†Tokyo's 「Gothic Lolita」themed photo (2018/09/21)

Hello AliceHolics!
I am Angela, i come from Greece and i am more of a Goth than a Lolita. I love combining those styles both, daily.
I visited Helsinki this weekend, for the Moi meme Moitie fashion show (i am a lucky Rose owner now) and i caught myself playing with my headress after the show before the Nightfall afterparty.
It just happened i fell in love with the specific style.
I am also wearing my favorite Nightshade Black Velvet Corseted Dress from Heart and Roses and of course a bunch of M-m-M jewelry. I wonder what's my new dress gonna be?!
Nice to meet you everyone!