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Post your Halloween coordinate

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Your favorite Halloween coordinate🎶
Cute Halloween🎶
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This year’s Halloween coordinate🎶

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2017/10/5 ~ 11/5

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Photo requirements

※You can enter as many coordinates as you like. However, you can enter each coordinate only once

※Make sure the photo shows the coordinate well (at least two thirds of your body should be visible)

※Only one person per photo. Pair entries are not eligible

※Only the person in the photo can enter (you cannot enter photos you took of friends et cetera)

※To make sure the actual color and design of the items can be verified easily, use appropriate lighting and don’t edit too much

※Photos taken with any device accepted (smartphone, digital camera et cetera)

※You can hide your face with a sticker if you like

※You can also hide your face by looking down et cetera

※Flatlays are accepted as well

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